Dust The Right Way – Tips

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Dust The Right Way – Tips

Dust is everywhere around you and no matter how hard you try, getting rid of, it is always an overwhelming task to run. However, even though it seems like a mission impossible, you should not neglect regular dusting at your house as it can be the reason behind some serious health problems, especially if you have allergy sufferers at home. Fortunately, dusting is not a rocket science and if you learn the right techniques you can successfully keep your place spick and span. Check out our tips below:

  • The most important part of keeping your house dust-free is to vacuum properly and regularly. In case you have carpets, this chore has to be performed even more frequently. Sweeping and vacuuming should be done at least once a week. Let`s start with vacuuming your carpets – you should know that you have to vacuum them from the cleanest part of the room towards the most contaminated areas so you don`t spread the dust further. In other words, you should last vacuum the entrances as the foot traffic and the particles from the outside accumulate there. You are advised to opt for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filtration system for most satisfying results. Also, you should not fail to run professional carpet cleaning at least once a year in order to fully eliminate the bacteria, dust and dirt. This will also prolong the life of your carpets!

  • In the same line of thought, you should vacuum your sofas and chairs as often as you perform your domestic cleaning. Upholstered furniture accumulates a great amount of dust. As it is used every day, you are recommended to get removable covers for easier maintenance – washing them will get rid of dust and dirt efficiently. However, if you can`t install such, along with the regular vacuuming, think about steam or dry upholstery cleaning so your couches and chairs are in an immaculate condition and no potential risk of allergies is present.

  • What is the right direction for dusting? This is one of the most common mistakes that people do – they start from the middle of the room. Dust falls from top to the bottom which makes this method absolutely inefficient. Always start from fans and the top corners of the room. Keep in mind that you should dust in a spiral formation. After that, you can finish with vacuuming. You will see that you tackle dust much better this way.

  • Another very important aspect is knowing the right dusting tools. You should provide yourself with tools that grab the dust and don`t just push it around. For example, a feather duster is a cool cleaning accessory but when it`s time for more serious dusting it will not do much work. A microfibre cloth is your true assistant in such cases. They absorb the dust and don`t leave streaks. If you are into natural cleaning methods you can efficiently clean most of the surfaces at home using a 1:1 ratio solution of water and white distilled vinegar. Spray on the microfibre cloth and wipe countertops, table tops, shelves,etc. However, if you like to use a feather duster, professional domestic cleaners advise you to use one made of ostrich feathers.

  • Even if you are super diligent when it comes to dusting, many people forget to clean behind their fridge and stove. These spots accumulate a significant amount of crumbs, dirt and dust and you have to perform a good sanitising at least once a month. Use a refrigerator coil brush and vacuum – removing dust from behind and underneath these appliances is essential.

  • Curtains, drapes and blinds are other favourite area for dust particles. Make sure you vacuum both sides of your drapes on your regular domestic cleaning and once in a while take them out and shake them good to get rid of as much dust buildups as possible. When you clean your blinds, dust horizontally both sides.

  • Changing your HVAC air filters will dramatically help you improve the indoor air quality and reduce dust in your homes. Many people assume that filters function fine no matter that they have never changed them but, in reality, they decrease their functionality and don`t capture the dust as they are supposed to. Make sure you check your filters regularly!

  • Last but not least, let fresh air in! Providing your home with a good ventilation can improve the air quality. Open the windows – it will keep your home fresher and stale air won`t be an issue anymore

Did you find these tips efficient? Follow them and you will see that dusting can be a piece of cake if you know the right techniques!

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